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Name:The Joker
● name: Chris
● age: 32
● contact: g00db3tt3rb3st85 (on AIM as well as Plurk)

● name: The Joker
● canon: DC Comics
● canon point: Just before 'Batman: RIP'.
● age: Unknown

● (canon) background:

● abilities: Highly intelligent, skilled chemist, deceitfully good hand to hand combatant. Proficient in his own brand of gadgetry. Insane.

● strengths: They seem to vary for the most part. A notable proficiency in chemistry, Joker is the creator of his own chemical that when applied has the potential to kill the victim by making them fall into a fit of laughter with a big smile plastered on their face. It can be stopped if the right person knows the antidote, though there have been numerous times when the chemical has been made purposefully strong enough to kill before the victim can be aided. Highly intelligent, Joker can use average electronics and devices well enough to cover his tracks or identity and is big on duping others into believing he's frail or at a disadvantage.

Joker's unpredictable nature coupled with his fractured mind make for the greatest of his strengths: reinvention and adaptation. With Joker you never know what you're going to get, and just when you think you do, he pulls the rug out from under you and proves you never knew to begin with. Plop him in a new town or city and watch him thrive in its' seedy underbelly.

This also applies to when he fights, his unpredictable and abrupt nature allowing him to often go toe-to-toe with Batman himself, despite the vigilante's extensive knowledge of fighting techniques and counters.

● weaknesses: Joker's own mind is a major weakness of his. His lack of mental stability is rife with paranoia and rage. While angering him can definitely backfire on the person that does it, pushing his buttons in the right manner can make him sloppy and leave him open to be taken down.

The Joker is a proud man as well, and his own extreme version of this can derail entire plans of his if attacked properly. It isn't as simple as planting a seed of doubt, but it can be damaged through Batman-related mentions or by probing at his apparent need for attention by dismissing him and what he does.

His mortality and lack of powers aside (at the end of the day he's just human) he is not to be trusted, not even by his own fellow villains. This leaves him completely alone without anyone to properly rely on, and while it might not be seen as a weakness by him, it very much is one. Any person that dares get close enough--like Harley did--suffers abuse and manipulation until they simply...leave.

● housing: Communal, Floor 2

● network username: bat.enthusiast
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